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Child Care Benefits are the key to unlocking the ABSOLUTE POTENTIAL of your working parents!

The Return On Investment (ROI) from Child Care Benefits are massive.

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Nationally, lost earnings, productivity, and revenue due to Child Care challenges totals $122 Billion annually. Child Care Benefits provide the highest human capital ROI of any benefit.

Employees with access to Child Care benefits report an increase in work-life balance and engagement.

60% of millennials report Child Care help as an important factor of a job. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials!

Child Care Benefits boost productivity & morale - even for non-parents!

Child Care Benefits improve your recruitment and retention efforts.

TOOTRiS Child Care Benefits provide exponential human capital ROI allowing organizations of all sizes to eliminate Child Care as a barrier to growth and compete with higher retention, recruiting, productivity, and zero HR admin burden. TOOTRiS has uniquely revolutionized Child Care as the first and only technology solution that unites all the key stakeholders – parents, providers, employers, and agencies – into a single platform enabling them to connect and transact in real time. This allows parents to quickly find, vet, and enroll in licensed Child Care options in real-time, and for employers to seamlessly incorporate family support into their benefits – at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.

How TOOTRiS Works to Support Employers and Working Parents

  • TOOTRiS provides a Turn-Key Child Care Benefits Platform and Administration Services for Employers to help them easily and most cost-effectively incorporate Child Care solutions for their working parents, enabling their workforce to connect, vet, enroll, and transact directly with over 200,000 licensed Child Care providers across 50 states – from any smart devise.
  • TOOTRiS includes care options for infant, toddler, and school-aged kids in both Center-based and Family Child Care settings, as well as, before and after-school programs, extracurricular activities, summer camps, special needs, and other child wrap-around services, offering parents the largest selection of programs to support their family’s unique requirements.
  • TOOTRiS integrates with most HR Systems and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA) Administrators to facilitate multisource payments for employees, including enrollment contributions by employers.
  • With TOOTRiS employers are guaranteed to attract and retain today’s top talent, yielding the highest returns on their human capital investments while promoting exceptional employee morale, and company culture, and achieving the most positive DEI outcomes.
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